“Some men see things as they are and say “why.” I dream things that never were, and say “why not?” – Bernard Shaw

How would it make you feel to hear your guests remark that YOUR wedding was the most incredible wedding they have ever attended? Maybe it was the inviting charm and warmth of your ceremony, and the emotion and anticipation evoked as you splendidly walked down the aisle. Perhaps it was the details in your personalized wedding program that gave them deeper insight about your joyful journey and how your love bloomed. It could be as simple as how the theme of your wedding was so magnificently carried out from the beginning of your planning to the last moment of your reception.

Like a beautiful orchestrated symphony, many aspects come together to compose the perfect wedding. It is so much more than the beauty and fragrance of flowers, tranquil candle lit ambiance, and the heartfelt ceremony and vows. It is also the perfect music, a glorious cake, stunning centerpieces, fabulous linens and chair decor, one-of-a-kind favors for the guests, and the delicious food that accompanies an entertaining, surprise-filled reception. When you put all of this together with a spectacular bridal gown and reception dress and dapper and dazzling bridal party attire, you end up with a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime by all!


Ingenuity is key in keeping the details fresh and relevant and a celebration that is innovative and exciting. The attentiveness to such detail will culminate into a wonderful wedding, resulting in compliments from your guests as they recount with such precision, the countless features that so profoundly stand out in their memory. This would truly be a sense of accomplishment to know that your hard work paid off and your guests sincerely and enthusiastically enjoyed your celebration as much as you.

At Moss and Magnolias, we want you to dream big! We can create the wedding of your dreams, and even better than you ever thought it could be! Imagine the big picture and allow us to help you fill in the details. Having style doesn’t always mean spending “Big Bucks.” This is your day, a day to convey your heart through celebration. Our goal is to help you focus on who you and your groom are, and to help you color the picture with your passion and style.


First, you must envision the big picture. Do you want a formal affair? A magical horse driven carriage, exemplifying one with pomp and circumstance? Or would you rather a casual, yet elegant beach setting?

Maybe you prefer a simple and intimate, yet quaint gathering using green and subdued natural elements with a pop of rich color? Would a high style gala using modern resources and present-style trends be to your liking? Will you entertain your guests with a sit-down dinner or serve a buffet?

The sky is the limit with endless ways to celebrate and variations in choosing color, style and theme, so think big and “out of the box”! Moss and Magnolias can cover every nuance of detail and edit as we go along to make any event an affordable reality.

Whether you are eloping to our beautiful and charming city to have a small wedding, planning a large spectacular event, or anything in between, Moss and Magnolias is eager to assist you in planning your perfect celebration. Let us bring life to the details that are guaranteed to make your day a memorable and magical occasion that commemorates your love.

Here is a simple idea of “bringing it all together!”

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